Youth Camp 2012 Life Journey

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Have you ever wondered about your life? 
Why your life is the way it is? 
Have decisions in the past affected the person you are today, and will decisions you make from this moment on affect the rest of your life? 
Does religion or being a Catholic affect the way you see and live your life? 

Life is a journey that can be difficult – you might feel lost and unsure. You may make decisions that you regret. On the other hand you might have a story to share about your life that could change someone else’s life!

Come along to youth camp this year, where we’ll explore our identity – how we see ourselves, how expectations of other people affect us and find out what God’s hope for us is.
We’ll also explore the stages of development and reflect on what stage in our lives we are at. Hear from people who are older and wiser than you, who have gone through those stages already – they will have tips for you so you don’t make the same mistakes as them, and tips for you to make the most of the age and stage that you are at in your life. In this way we will all have opportunities to be learners and teachers!

At the end of camp we hope that you’ll take away SOMETHING that will help you understand yourself more – both your limitations, your strengths and how you can live your life to your fullest potential!

Youth Camp 2012 promises NOT to be boring, there will be a lot of sharing, and little lectures/talks, there will be a lot more fun and activities that are going to be competitive, and there will be a lot of self discovery – it’s a time to learn about yourself and get tips on how to make your life even better and worthwhile!!

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