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Youth Gatherings and Activities

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Youth Gatherings and Activities (both spiritual and non-spiritual) are held once every few months. Gathering announcements will be posted on the web site and also through email communications.

Activities include:

  • Youth Camp
  • Music Ministry
  • Altar Servers
  • Praise & Worship / Taize
  • Bible Sharing
  • Spirituality Retreat
  • RCIA Programme
  • Other Social Activities – hiking, movie nights, karaoke, bowling, etc.


Youth Mass

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Every few months the youth take over and organise Youth Mass for the whole community. We need people with all sorts of talents to make the Mass successful, so contact us to get involved!

We had our first youth mass on 10th May 2009. However, it was also the last youth mass in Brisbane that Father John Li and Carlos can join before heading to Melbourne. The major change between this youth mass than past youth masses is that all the youth now take part in the youth choir.

We are hoping that more youth can participate in planning or helping out the youth mass and thus build up their faith and relationship with God.

Details for upcoming youth masses and events are on our Facebook Group.


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World Youth Day Madrid 2011

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In August 2011, youths from Chinese Catholic communities across Australia to the World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid. In a 19-day journey, we started in the French community of Taizé, seeking communion with God in prayer, singing, silence and reflection along with hundreds of other pilgrims, followed by Days of the Dioceses in Barcelona, where you engaged in dialogue and interaction with the local parishes and community. Finally, we arrived in Madrid for a 7 day pilgrimage journey together with millions of other youths from around the world, celebrating in anticipation for World Youth Day and the final Papal Mass by Pope Benedict XVI.

Five members from the Brisbane CCC youth group joined this pilgrimage (Sweet N Sour Cross). It was a remarkable journey and brought them closer to GOD. They also wrote a few articles to share their experiences with the rest of the community. Feel free to have a read!

Please check out  the PAN CCC Madrid WYD website for further information! Link

Reflection Articles
Andrew – WYD 2011 Reflection
Joanne – 堅定於信德
Kathy – My Awesome World Youth Day!
Maggie – JMJ2011 Madrid
Nicole – Say Yes to Struggles!

Multicultural Fiesta 2011

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CCCB once again participated in this year’s Multicultural Fiesta. The Multicultural Fiesta once again featured talents from various ethnic communities in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, including lion dance, Tai Chi, Korean drum performance, Sudanese dance performances and more! The Chinese community and youth group performed contemporary Christian songs and had a food stall at the event.

Youth Lenten Retreat 2011

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“Building Relationships with Jesus”, a retreat aimed at guiding young people to the sacrament of reconciliation in preparation for lent, was held on Saturday 9 April at the Sacred Heart Centre in Runcorn. The retreat was facilitated by Frassati Ministries and participants’ age ranged from 7 to 30 as the younger ones wanted to tag along with their older siblings and ended up enjoying the entire event. The retreat began with warm up games followed by the Stations of the Cross.  After breaking for morning tea, participants regrouped to listen to speakers share their stories and experiences with God. The participants then broke into three separate age groups to discuss what aspect of the sharing spoke to them the most.  The afternoon after lunch provided for some more group games, sharing and discussion.

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Youth Retreat by Project Hatch

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In November 2010, a number of youths from CCC attended the Ethnic Youth Ministry Council’s (EYMC) youth retreat facilitated by Project Hatch Team’s Dave and Ollie. The retreat was held on 6 November at the Vietnamese Community Centre in Inala.

The retreat was structured such a way that the participants had an opportunity to interact with each other through fun and games, music, prayer, listening to inspiring stories and sharing something about their personal relationship with God. Participants included young people from the Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hispano American, Sudanese Annerley and African Logan communities.

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Youth Lenten Retreat 2010

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During Lent 2010, CCCB was honored to lend our venue (Sacred Heart Centre) to the Brisbane East Deanery NET team to host a Lenten Retreat. There were about 50 youths from different ethnic communities gathered together for a day full of games, dramas, talks and reflections. In one of the talks we were shown this following photo and asked to reflect on what it means:


If you look closely, Jesus is knocking on a door with no handle on the outside. To me, this door is like the door into our hearts. Jesus constantly knocks on the door to our hearts, but it is our choice to open the door from the inside and welcome Him in.

Thank you to the NET team for a very enjoyable and reflective day!


World Youth Day Sydney 2008

Sep 30, 2009   //   by admin   //   Events, World Youth Day  //  Comments Off on World Youth Day Sydney 2008

World Youth Day (WYD) is the largest youth event in the world and was held in Sydney from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 July 2008. Altogether there were 58 people of all ages from the Chinese Catholic Community Brisbane who participated in this event. Below are some testimonials of those who attended.

The theme of 2008 is:
YOU will receive POWER when the HOLY SPIRIT has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses. (Act 1:8)

Read some of our members’ reflections below:

WYD08 has been an experience that has changed my life – literally. Before going to World Youth Day I had no idea what to expect, I was a bit anxious because I was spending a week with people I didn’t know extremely well, and I have never been on a pilgrimage before. On arriving in Sydney I knew that physically it would be a hard week; sleeping on the floor, queuing up for showers, eating the same food everyday and walking everywhere. But now I reflect back, none of that was hard at all. I actually enjoyed it because of all the people surrounding me; our love for God and each other made the experience incredible. I would trade any expensive, luxurious holiday to go to WYD again.
Laurel C.

World Youth Day may be officially over but it will be an experience that will remain in the minds of me and many other pilgrims in our church. World Youth Day, the largest youth event in the world, is an invitation from the Pope to the youth and any other pilgrims of the world to celebrate their faith together and walking the same journey.
Ben L.

Taize 2009

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In 2009 we held our second Taize for the whole CCCB! The event was a success and we had many youths, adults and even Sisters from St. Paul de Chartes who came and enjoyed a night of peaceful prayer and meditation. Our music team was amazing in leading us in singing. For those who haven’t heard of Taize before, the word Taize comes from the Taize Community in France. This community has a very special way of praying through music – the songs are usually sung repeatedly. To experience the Taize style of prayer and worship, join us in our next Taize night!! Look out for our emails or check the front page for upcoming events!